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Title: Awareness and Perception Towards E-learning Among Faculty Members of Tripura University: A Case Study
Authors: Gayan, Mithu Anjali
Das, Saumen
Keywords: E-Learning
Online Learning
E-PG Pathshala
Tripura University
Issue Date: Aug-2017
Publisher: INFLIBNET Centre
Abstract: Learning is gaining or acquiring of new knowledge and skills in something by study, experience or being taught. Learning can be facilitated by direct means, by personally attending classes conducted in the academic institutions or by indirect means such as distance learning. The online education referrers to teaching and learning method mediated by a computer system of a place which may be different from the learner’s personal computer system. The modern developments in ICTs and emergence of the Internet have brought a gigantic transformation in the method of teaching and learning. The current study investigates the awareness and perception towards the new form of learning, i.e. elearning among the faculty members of Tripura University. The study discovered that 52% of the total respondents belong to male category. 36% of the respondents are from age group 30-34, followed by age group 25-29 (34%). Maximum response from each department is 4 (4%). Most of the respondents are Assistant Professor (36%), followed by guest faculty (32%). Maximum (96%) respondents are aware of e- learning concept which is very encouraging in itself. Most respondents (76%) are aware of SWAYAM. More than half of the total respondents (52%) are interested to conduct course through Swayam. Maximum (80%) respondents are aware of e-PG Pathshala. Maximum of the respondents (84%) have not enrolled in any e-learning course. The maximum respondents (25 %) out of the enrolled ones have enrolled for e-learning course is from NPTEL portal. The results found will be a great help for the stakeholders of E-learning as it provided new insights
ISBN: 978-93-81232-07-1
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