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Title: Web Technologies For User Education
Authors: Bhatnagar, Anjana
Deshmukh, Vijaya
Keywords: E-Information Literacy
Web Technology
Web Services
Search Engines
Issue Date: 2-Feb-2006
Publisher: INFLIBNET Centre
Abstract: Web technology is used to provide access to information both within and beyond the institution. In the future there will be greater emphasis on the delivery of information to support learning wherever curriculum programs are being taught, and wherever students are learning at institute or at home. The role of the library resource centre as a service facility will grow. Institutions have a crucial responsibility towards students to develop their aptitude in using the information potential of these information technologies critically and wisely. The paper is aimed at presenting the use of web technology in education. The problem is with organizing educational resources whereby individual learners will be able to access material according to their own leaner profile and needs. The Data for this paper is based on conceptual study including personal observation and interaction with students, library research referring to the important journals, periodicals, publications and research volumes and making use of the web. The authors in this paper have highlighted the various types of web technology useful for learners and educators. In Recommendations and Conclusions, the authors throw light on the need for a resource database for learners. Further research will entail the feasibility of the implementation of a resource-base using a data warehouse and data mining as the driving forces with the Internet/Web technology as the delivery mode.
ISBN: 81-902079-1-1
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