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Title: Information and Knowledge Management : Role of Knowledge Audits, Benchmarks, Maturity Measures in Knowledge Management
Authors: Anand, Vijay Kumar
Anand, Sanjay Kumar
Keywords: Information
Knowledge Audits
Maturity Model
Analysis Model
Development Model
People CMM
Issue Date: 8-Feb-2007
Publisher: INFLIBNET Centre
Abstract: Knowledge Management is a new and hot term in today’s business world. It is not a technique. It is a process or discipline to identify the information need, identify what and where key knowledge assets can be found etc. . This can be achieved by the knowledge / information audit. Benchmarks help to set the direction for growth in the organization and communication within an organization. Maturity measure model in KM reflects where does the organization or a company stands. To basic maturity model used in KM are – Analysis Model and Development Model. The Analysis Model refers to the quality management and development Model refers to the CMM which include the People CMM.
ISBN: 978-81-902079-4-2
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