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Title: Need for Materializing Future Technologies and Techniques in Library Services for Effective Information Management
Authors: Veeranjaneyulu, K
Ramesh, LSRCV
Keywords: Information Management
Library Services
Future Technologies
Issue Date: Feb-2004
Publisher: INFLIBNET Centre, Ahmedabad
Abstract: Against the backdrop of the electronic age, new organizational structures are emerging. In order to be more efficient, effective and responsive organizations give prominence to the use of networks and computer based information systems. Likewise a data warehouse, a database system that is separate from the organizations online transaction processing system. Data mining helps in discovering meaningful new corrections, patterns and trends by shifting through, large repositories, using pattern recognition technologies as well as statistical and mathematical techniques. Finally it is concluded that there is due need to materialize the future technologies to guide the future generations in a most effective way of Library Management.
ISBN: 81-900825-8-2
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