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Title: Distributed Database Management Systems for Information Management and Access
Authors: Geetha, N
Keywords: Database
Database Management System
Distributed Database Management System
Data Access
Client/Server Systems
Client/Server Architecture
Issue Date: Feb-2004
Publisher: INFLIBNET Centre, Ahmedabad
Abstract: Libraries play an important role in the academic world by providing access to world-class information resources and services. The explosive growth of Information Technology has paved way to unprecedented phenomenon of access to information. The evolving developments of the recent decades in information access and management have resulted in a situation where information is stored and managed by a large variety of systems around the world. The growing requirements for information support to the globalised socio-economic forces makes efficient and effective availability of distributed information and correlation of relevant data to the user need. Databases and database systems have become essential components of everyday life in our modern society. In our daily lives, most of us would engage in one activity or another that involves some interaction with a database. This paper discusses the technology used to access and manage the distributed information.
ISBN: 81-900825-8-2
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