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Title: What is the Knowledge, Attitude and Practice on the Use of INFLIBNET by Indian Subject Experts in Biological Sciences?
Authors: Balakrishnan, M. A. Deepamala
Sharma, Ananthanarayana
Keywords: Aquacultures
Biological Sciences
Digital Literacy
Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD)
Issue Date: 17-Nov-2023
Publisher: INFLIBNET Centre, Gandhinagar
Abstract: The objective of this empirical research is to assess the knowledge, attitude and practice on the use of INFLIBNET by Indian subject experts in Biological Sciences through a Knowledge Attitude Practise (KAP) survey. The survey was conducted among biological scientists and biotechnologists, working in Indian educational institutions. An online questionnaire schedule was pilot-tested and used for collecting data. 600 schedules were sent online, 30 were received, and after cleaning and validating the formats, 14 were used for this analysis. In terms of demographic variables, 86% of the respondents were male with the mean age being 36, and with an average of eleven years of work experience. 71% of the respondents were from educational institutions based in Tamil Nadu; with 80% from the knowledge disciplines of fisheries, aquaculture, zoology and microbiology. 57% of the respondents reported usage of INFLIBNET. The remaining 43% reported a lack of awareness of INFLIBNET. A small sample t-test found that age was a significant factor in the use of INFLIBNET. Amongst users, Shodhganga (ETD) was ranked first and used by all respondents. The preferred search option was “keywords” 63% had attended generic training programmes for internet search. Non-users were usually male, more than 37 years of age, with more than ten years of work experience, with a doctoral degree, with unsatisfactory digital infrastructure in their workspace. A targeted extension program, focusing on librarians working within these biology/biotechnology institutions is recommended for increasing awareness and usage of INFLIBNET including ETD (Shodhganga).
Description: 26th International Symposium, ETD 2023, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, 26-28 October, 2023
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