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Title: Knowledge Management: A Bibliometric Analysis
Authors: Joseph, Jobin
Keywords: Bibliometrics
Knowledge Management
Performance Analysis
Issue Date: Nov-2022
Publisher: INFLIBNET Centre, Gandhinagar
Series/Report no.: CALIBER-2022;39
Abstract: Knowledge management has acquired great importance in this information overloaded situation. Every organization or institution in these days gives utmost priority to knowledge management. Because any organization or institution would be useful and persuasive if and only if it caters the information needs of patrons and society in general. A good knowledge management system is a must to cater the information need of the society. A good, efficient knowledge management system can play a vital role in enhancing the dissemination and retrieval of the information. Besides, it save the time and resources to a great extent. This forced the academic world to concentrate more on the theme knowledge management. Many authors studied and written on this theme further and discussed it from different point of views with a view to paving the way to function better and satisfy the information needs. This article makes a bibliometric analysis of the paper written on the theme knowledge management in order to find the research trends on this theme.
Description: 13th International CALIBER-2022, BHU, Varanasi, UP, 17-19 November 2022
ISBN: 9789381232101
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