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Title: The Impact of Consortia on Database Licensing
Authors: Bhandi, M K
Gowda, M P
Vaman, K
Database Licensing
Issue Date: Feb-2003
Publisher: INFLIBNET Centre
Abstract: The article describes the licensing deals that consortia can negotiate on behalf of their member libraries have a lot of impact on libraries on collection development decisions. The libraries, consortia and publisher should understand each other’s goals and needs. They have to work more closely together as a alliance for a common goal rather than seeing each other as target. INFLIBNET, in this regard act as catalyst and co-ordinate the activities of the participating libraries throughout the country and always try to strengthen the consortia model among all the 294 universities in India. Each participating library is required to sign a commitment form for the product price point for which it was able to commit. Once the price was fixed, the implementation could begin (in the first phase INFLIBNET has selected 38 universities for the purpose). The most ideal outcome would be for us to be able to weave a web of cooperation that would tie together local, state, regional, national and international consortia along with networks and vendors.
Description: This is only an Abstract
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