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Title: The Role of Smart Library and Smart Librarian for E- Library Services
Authors: Nahak, Brundaban
Padhi, Satyajit
Keywords: Global Library
Green Library
Green Library
Smart Librarian
Smart Library
Issue Date: Nov-2019
Publisher: INFLIBNET Centre, Gandhinagar
Series/Report no.: CALIBER-2019;10
Abstract: The evolution of libraries happens through three stages –modernization, automation and digitization. A smart library (SL) is an information centre with networks of many libraries and their services in a larger informational ecosystem around the globe. Smartness means that the development of new library e-tools and services are measured on the assessment of real resources and users. Smart is more user-friendly than intelligent. As every new paradigm, smartness bears risks. In today’s era, a library equipped with ‘smart library’ technology is to be allowed freely open to library readers with no library staff. Technology gives facilities for controlling and monitoring of library buildings, including automatic doors, lighting, auto-services pavilions, and any computers. It gives permission to use resources 24X7 hours so that the reader s can use the library at times that that are convenient for them. The ‘smart library’ requires ‘smart librarians which gives service to user centric and user friendly. The role of librarians and libraries is changing in the present era due to the changing demands of its users. The role of SL requires three things i.e. Smart users, SL staff and SL services. Users are excepting more from the libraries especially from the academic libraries not only for their intellectual growth but also for their day today informative demand which will certainly grow day by day. The author describes briefly details on smart library, smart service, smart readers, cloud service developing ‘smart librarians, service visibility, service orientation of smart academic library, advocacy, features, vision of SLs, planning for impact, smart governance, smart library place, smart management, smart library staff, green library building, smart librarians and their e-service in digital era. This paper is purely theory based paper which is described by author pinpointed regarding smart library.
ISBN: 9789381232095
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