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Title: LANs for Information Management in University Campuses
Authors: Hasan, S.K.
Keywords: Information Management
LANs and WANs
University Campuses
Sharing of Information
Very Small Aperture Terminal
Wide Area VSAT network
Shared Media Hub
Issue Date: 4-Mar-1998
Publisher: INFLIBNET Center
Abstract: The INFLIBNET proposes to develop Wide Area as well as Local Area Networks to bring out the knowledge sharing among the universities in India. The author describes the configurations of typical Local Area Networks (LANs) for universities in conjunction with Wide area VSAT network. The topology of LAN can be based on Star, Bus and Ring topologies or their combinations. Details of the proposed configuration are provided and its implementation in two phases is suggested. Establishment of such a network will encourage sharing of information and improve overall quality of academic and research work.
ISBN: 81-900825-1-5
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