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Title: Information Delivery of Full - Text Databases in Academic and Research Libraries using Hypermedia
Authors: Shewale, Nanaji Gopinath
Keywords: Information Delivery
Using Hypermedia
Academic and Research Libraries
Full-Text Databases
Issue Date: 4-Mar-1998
Publisher: INFLIBNET Center
Abstract: Information contained in the libraries can be easily accessible, if all the books in the library can be ,,"tOTed in-a digital. format searchable by a computer. Information deliver is the proces of using computer to provide a user with access to specific information. The author mentions about the introduction of hypermedia in information delivery and its advantages. Special features in designing of full text databases and steps in developing the in-house hypermedia databases are briefly described. Even though it may not be the job of the library professionals to design and develop the hypermedia system for the information retrieval, but surely their ideas and experiences will play an important role as they have observed the user, studied the user psychology.
ISBN: 81-900825-1-5
Appears in Collections:CALIBER 1998 : Bhubaneswar

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