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Title: CD-ROM - An Information Storage and Retrieval Tool
Authors: Sharma, R.S.
Patnaik, Rachna
Keywords: Retrieving Information
Retrieval Tool
Information Storage
Issue Date: 4-Mar-1998
Publisher: INFLIBNET Center
Abstract: Information Retrieval is becoming increasingly dependant on physical mechanisms like computer, telecommunications, Multimedia, CD-ROM, Internet, WORM, modem etc. Among these the CD-ROM databases are costeffective. Due to advancement of electronic sector more and more users are using CD-ROM for retrieving information as it follows Hypertext system. They are unique because large volumes of data can be stored at a very low price. The information contained in CD-ROM include text, still images, audio, digital video and animation. The authors mention about the advantages of CD-ROMs and provide the status of CD-ROM server at SAC Library, ISRO.
ISBN: 81-900825-1-5
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