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Title: Multimedia Based Database Presentation Tool
Authors: Mohandas, M.K.
Shet, K.C.
Keywords: Database Presentation Tools
Multimedia Database
Issue Date: 15-Feb-1996
Publisher: INFLIBNET Center
Abstract: Multimedia technology promises an exciting tool, to the library by providing an environmental friendly system supporting different media, like audio,graphics, and text including animation on the same platform for efficient information handling. The multimedia workstation, can be made to present various databases, to the viewer alegantly by incorporating a multimedia presentation authoring tool. This authoring tool can have various modules such as slide editor, slide integrator, audio studio,video studio, presentation player and installation modules. This paper attempts to describe the various modules needed to have in a presentation authoring tool. Presently all these modules are under development in the Department of Computer Engineering, K.R.E.C, Surathkal on Microsoft Windows 95 and Microsoft Power Point environment.
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