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Title: A Study on Web Search Engines and User Interfaces
Authors: Chottopadhyay, Asoke P
Dasgupta, Swapan K
Panigrahi, P K
Keywords: World Wide Web
Search Engines
User Interface
Evaluation of Search Engine
Issue Date: Feb-2003
Publisher: INFLIBNET Centre
Abstract: A search begins with a search tool’s Web site, reached by means of its address or URL. Each tool’s Web site comprises a store of information called a database. Then the database has links to other databases at other Web sites, and the other Web sites have links to still other Web sites, and so on and so on. Thus, each search tool has extended search capabilities by means of a worldwide system of links. A search tool is a computer program that performs searches and retrieves information. There are different types of search tools In the search engine the different forms based user interface provides access to sophisticated searching capabilities that allow users to find references in their fields. Menu GUI (Graphical Users Interface) pops up asking user to select either the “X” Database or the “Y” Database. Accordingly, the appropriate database contents are loaded into the search engine. e.g. When one of the database buttons in the above step is clicked, the basic user interface for the search engine appears as shown. This pops up another user interface that contains the list of images that satisfied users criteria. If the search criteria are incorrect, then an appropriate error message is posted on the results GUI.
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