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Title: The 3C’s - Convergence of Computers, Communication and Content (Multimedia)
Authors: Doctor, Gayatri
Keywords: Internet
Blue tooth
Broadband Access
Issue Date: Feb-2003
Publisher: INFLIBNET Centre
Abstract: We are moving from a physical world based on atoms to a digital world based on bits. Today new techniques of Information packaging and delivery ensure its availability at the point of demand instantly. This is achieved by exploiting the technologies provided by telecommunications, computer networking and broadcasting media. Some major Value-Added Services like E-mail and the WWW ( World Wide Web ) , Cable TV and Internet Access, Education via Internet E-business, Telebanking , Radio and Television Broadcast on the Internet are a result of this convergence bringing up various Security and Cryptography aspects . Internet telephony reflects the beginning of a new communication era, which is characterized by running real-time applications over Internet/Intranet based computer communication infrastructure. Mobile communications and Internet based computer communications are the two fastest growing areas of communications indicating an enormous potential in the intersection of these two domains. Emerging trends are 4G, the Wireless Broadband Access which gives way to applications like Virtual Navigation, Tele medicine, Tele-geoprocessing applications, Crisis management applications and Virtual Laboratories. The interaction between human and the 3C’s ( Computer + Communication + Content (Multimedia) is becoming a daily staple as we witness powerful computers uniting in a networked environment where wired and wireless communications enjoy broadening bandwidths that permit the transmission of multimedia content.
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