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Title: A Study on the Growth and Development of ETD Repositories in the University Libraries of Assam
Authors: Nitya Nanda, Pathak
Malakar, Konika
Keywords: ETD
PhD theses
ETD Repositories
Issue Date: Oct-2016
Publisher: INFLIBNET Centre
Abstract: The paper discusses in brief the initiatives taken by the University libraries in Assam for creating digital archives and examines how ETDs are of great significance to students, researches as well as faculty members. It highlights how the ETDs in the University Libraries of Assam are yet to develop in the truest sense of them.The paper alsoexamines in this regards the issues and challenges regarding the setting up of ETD Repositories. Finally some suggestions are highlighted for overcoming such challenges.
Description: iETD 2016 National Conference
Appears in Collections:iETD 2016 National Conference, Gandhinagar

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