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Title: FreeE-JIS: A Prototype Co-operative Free E-journals Content Management and Access System
Authors: Venkatalakshmi, K
Arun, B S
Rajashekar, T B
Keywords: Free E-Journals
Content Management System
Cataloguing System
Resource Sharing
Issue Date: Feb-2003
Publisher: INFLIBNET Centre
Abstract: Resource sharing is an age-old concept in the Library and Information profession, which is addressed by terms such as co-operation, consortia, networking etc. Information explosion has made it difficult for libraries to acquire all the required information resources, which are published. The change in information generation and transmission has made us to move from print to electronic in terms of acquiring information resources and to provide services. freeE-Journals Information Service (freeE-JIS) is a demonstration system, developed at NCSI as an extension for E-journal Information Service (E-JIS) provided by the Centre in IISc. The prototype freeE-JIS supports Co-operative E-journals Content Management System, where libraries willing to participate can share their knowledge of free E-journals, available on the Internet. The software for freeE-JIS was developed on Linux platform using Apache Web Server with MySQL database as the back end. With the additional features of login and session management, it can be a valuable service for a group of library or information centers.
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