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Title: New Big Things in Era of Digital Data: ‘Big Data’& Big Data Challenges with its Solution Using Different Tools
Authors: Gondaliya, Tapan P
Joshi, Hiren D
Joshi, Hardik J
Keywords: Big Data
Data Warehouse
Big Data Tools
Big Data Analysis
Big Data Addresses
Issue Date: 12-Mar-2015
Publisher: INFLIBNET Centre
Abstract: One of the new technologies recently evaluated is called the ‘Big Data”. Now a day’s in this digital data era everything is digital like an e-library, e-mail, e-shopping, e-ticket, e-payment, e-governance and many more. People used more and more websites for entertainment like a facebook, twitter, and youtube for video, photos, twits, and data downloads as well as uploads on the internet. Internet has stored a massive amount of data or information that is in the zeta or in Exabyte’s it is nothing but the Big Data. According to IDC in future the growth of data will never stop and it will become in 7910 Exabyte’s in end of year 2015. Big Data is basically in the format of uncompressed data so it is very large, complex and difficult to process in traditional data processing application. So in this kind of massive dataset it’s very difficult to visualize, analyze, search, storage and transfer the data for any of the organization or company. And these are the biggest challenges for big company to how to solve this kind of problem. Behind this paper our main motive is to describe the reality of big data, how can different big data with the traditional database, what are the different types of big data, characteristic of big data and in actual how its work with different tools and technology and how company can face these big challenges using these tools. Here we also describe the comparative study of different tools that is basically used for analyze, visualize, store and transfer a big data.
ISBN: 978-93-81232-05-7
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