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Title: Standards and Good Practice of E- Learning and other E-Resources of the Libraries of Uttarakhand State: A Case Study
Authors: Pandey, S N
Mangay, Ram
Bisht, Anuradha
Singh, Satpal
Keywords: Innovative librarianship
Digital Library
Virtual Library
Academic Libraries
Online journals
Uttarakhand State
Issue Date: 12-Mar-2015
Publisher: INFLIBNET Centre
Abstract: This paper provides an overview of the present status of the use of e-resources amongst library users of all universities and colleges of Uttarakhand state. In digital environment, all aspects of e-resources are progressively needful to every aspect of education from teaching and learning. Many colleges and universities in Uttarakhand are in the process of developing where as some are already developed. The research findings confirm the importance of e-resources to the colleges and universities of Uttarakhand state, as they are indulged to use daily by staff in all areas of their work & services. For effective management of libraries in present digital environment, the overall challenge today is very tedious and hectic. The standards& good practices inspired by Dr. S.R. Ranganathan, today’s cyber technologists& information scientists can build up a quality world in the library profession through e-learning and uses of e-resources in Uttarakhand state as well as any other state of India. In this research paper, some especial type of problems about e-resources have been seen in all academic libraries of Uttarakhand state which creates very serious concerns to academicians and library professionals due to emerging digital environment and wide use of e-resources than conventional resources. This paper reveals the different practices of e-resources & e-learning. The research study is based on a range of parameters about using, learning, impact, awareness, status, reading habits, internet accessibilities, and availabilities at present done by many research scholars and analysis of their collected data through survey methodology. These analyses are concluding to a very different overview about innovative librarianship in modern digital era. Today, the electronic resources have changed number of facets of library services but in Uttarakhand state, it seems very poor and gloomy. To eliminate the issues causing this, paper suggests and indicates immediate implementation of e-learning standards and good practices, so that this state could move towards innovative librarianship as well as it may be equally applicable to other state.
ISBN: 978-93-81232-05-7
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