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Title: Linking, Improving, Status, Career: Making in Library and Information Science MOOC
Authors: Pathak, Deepshikha
Das, Krishna
Keywords: Massive Open Online Course (MOOCs)
Library and Information Science Missing Out Librarianship (MOL)
North-East India
Issue Date: 12-Mar-2015
Publisher: INFLIBNET Centre
Abstract: Obsolesce and depreciation of knowledge and skill is a major issue in any Professional Occupation and more particularly in our Profession as “Information” is the central theme in our field. The paper have highlighted some loopholes in this Profession with special reference to North-East India why it’s a different situation leading to the trend of Missing Out Librarianship. Is LISC MOOC the solution to save ourselves from Missing Out Librarianship and Knowledge and Skill obsolesce and depreciation and if so then what should be the model for developing the same.
ISBN: 978-93-81232-05-7
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