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Title: Research Output of Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology India Indexed in Scopus during 2004-2013: A bibliometric analysis
Authors: Manoj Kumar, Sa
Keywords: Bibliometrics
Degree of Collaboration
Citation Analysis
Issue Date: 12-Mar-2015
Publisher: INFLIBNET Centre
Abstract: This Paper presented the research output of Institute of Mineral and Material Technology India. it has been analyzed the yearly distribution of publication, growth rate, most productive authors, most preferential subject area,most favored document type,most productive journal,most frequent keywords,most productive institutions,most productive country,most favored source type, authorship pattern, degree of collaboration, multiple authors vs. single author, length of the publications, most cited authors etc. it is observed from the study that highest number of publication contributed in 2011 with 65(15.51%) publications, Average growth rate of publications is 7.43%, Parida, K.M. is the most productive author of this study with 107(25.54%)publications, Chemistry is the most favored subject area of the study with 144(34.37%) publications, Article is the most preferential document type with 365(87.11%) publications, Journal of Molecular Catalysis A Chemical is the most productive journal with 26(6.21%) publications, Keyword 'Article' used highest number of times with 82(19.57%) publications, Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology itself contributed 419(100%) publications, India is the most productive country with 419(100%) number of publications, Journal is the most favored source type with 383(91.41%), Domination of multiple authors on single author, Degree of collaboration is 0.98, Number of publication from pages 6-10 is highest with 258(61.58%) publications and Besra L., LiuM. are the most cited authors.
ISBN: 978-93-81232-05-7
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