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Title: Knowledge Management and Resource Discovery using Peer to Peer Network
Authors: Murthy, T A V
Dube, Sonia
Keywords: Knowledge Management
Peer to Peer Network
Client Server Network
Resource Discovery
Issue Date: Feb-2003
Publisher: INFLIBNET Centre
Abstract: The success of Knowledge management frame work in an organization depends on the timely and precise updation of the data, tools and techniques used for Information exploration. The Traditional approach of Client Server model requires the data to be pooled at a central place and all clients access this central database for access to the information, which usually requires lot of manual efforts for data collection and maintenance of the database. With recent advancement and popularity of the Peer to Peer Network architecture, we have explored the possibility of the use of such type of architecture for Knowledge Management and Resource discovery. This will ensure timely updation of database and de-centralized mode of data archival.
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