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Title: Efficient Dynamic Index Structure for Natural Number Intensive Application
Authors: Patel, Mayank
Parmar, Bhavesh
Patel, Yatrik
Joshi, Hiren
Keywords: Tree Structure
Management in Data Structures
Trie Tree
Dynamic index structure
Database Management System
Issue Date: Jan-2015
Publisher: International Journal of Computer Applications, New York
Citation: Mayank Patel, Bhavesh Parmar, Yatrik Patel and Hiren Joshi. Article: Efficient Dynamic Index Structure for Natural Number Intensive Application. International Journal of Computer Applications 109(4):13-20, January 2015
Abstract: Wide range of indexing techniques exists in the world of relational database. Speed of data insertion & retrieval depends on the type of query and available Indexing mechanism. Prevalent mechanisms lack in terms of space-time efficiency and simple structure, for real time applications where the database system needs to handle queries like equality search & range search. Even for simple tasks like getting data by ID, a system imposes heavy resource utilization. For example, Applications such as, telephone directory, transaction information details in banking, status about railway reservation etc. , backed with relational database system that employs complex structure like B-Tree or B+-Tree. Hence in such cases, instead of those complex structures, if some lighter technique can be used, which can greatly enhance the overall performance in terms of memory usage and simpler in terms of working & implementation. The paper presents how the Proposed Technique can significantly impact the overall performance, if applied as Primary Indexing method for range search & equality search queries.
ISBN: 973-93-80884-72-3
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