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Title: Analytical Study of Typographical Errors in OPACS and Corrective Measures
Authors: Cherukodan, Surendran
Kumar, G Santhosh
Sheeja, N K
Humayoon, Kabir S
Keywords: OPAC
Information Retrieval
Authority Files
Typographical Errors
Issue Date: 23-Mar-2013
Publisher: INFLIBNET Centre
Abstract: The present study is an attempt to highlight the problem of typographical errors in OPACS. The errors made while typing catalogue entries as well as importing bibliographical records from other libraries exist unnoticed by librarians resulting the non-retrieval of available records and affecting the quality of OPACs. This paper follows previous research on the topic mainly by Jeffrey Beall and Terry Ballard. The word “management” was chosen from the list of likely to be misspelled words identified by previous research. It was found that the word is wrongly entered in several forms in local, national and international OPACs justifying the observations of Ballard that typos occur in almost everywhere. Though there are lots of corrective measures proposed and are in use, the study asserts the fact that human effort is needed to get rid of the problem. The paper is also an invitation to the library professionals and system designers to construct a strategy to solve the issue.
ISBN: 9789381232033
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