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Title: ICT Localization at Banasthali: Learning for Universities of NE India
Authors: Rana, Madan Singh
Singh, Shiv
Keywords: Banasthali University
North-Eastern Universities
Languages of North-Eastern India
Issue Date: 3-Mar-2012
Publisher: INFLIBNET Centre
Abstract: Importance of localization of ICTs in India and the efforts are being made by the different organizations for localization of Indian Languages are highlighted. The role of the North Eastern (NE) universities in India in this regard can be significant for making ICTs useful in the local communities, especially in rural areas. Like in Rajasthan State, a women university situated in rural area, Banasthali University’s effort in the localization process is creditable and may be a kind of learning for NE universities. As India, a linguistically diversified country, the languages being the important vehicles to carry its culture and tradition for posterity and NE states, a hub of local and tribal languages, a proper use of ICTs in developmental process is possible if proper care is given to localization of ICTs. Further, a large number of local languages, especially minority languages in the NE India are at the verge of extinction, and some have already become extinct. In the present ICT environment, enormous prospects are available to make efforts at the universities levels which will not only help in preserving these languages and literature, but also by localization of ICTs to local people will receive proper benefits from ICTs which in turn, being valuable resource, can helpful in Government’s efforts and projects; e-governance, NeGP(India), etc and other development activities of the society . Similar to Banasthali, libraries of NE can initiate some efforts through projects with the help of their parent universities and institutions in ICT localization and preservation of the local languages and literature of the localities /communities.
ISBN: 978-93-81232-02-6
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