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Title: Knowledge Discovery of MARCXML based Library Databases using FOSS Full Text Indexing Tools
Authors: Patel, Yatrik
Rayka, Dinesh
Vaghela, Divyakant
Keywords: Fulltext Indexing,
Knowledge Discovery,
Faceted Search
Issue Date: 2-Mar-2011
Publisher: Inflibnet Centre
Abstract: This paper discusses introduction to full text search, its comparison with traditional approach, which gives insight on popular open source indexing and searching tools viz a viz. Lucene and Solr by Apache Foundation. In internet era libraries are known as knowledge warehouses. Library databases are prominently available in MARCXML format and there are very few free and open source (FOSS) implementations are available in public domain. Many efforts are made in integrating the popular searching and indexing techniques which powers even some of the world’s largest search engines, In library domain this has not been attempted pr operly.This paper is an attempt to showcase technique for implementation of Lucene/Solr based full text indexing over MARCXML based catalogue records to provide reliable, fast and dynamic search interface with provision of facets.
ISBN: 978-93-81232-00-2
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