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Title: Wi-Max Technology are You Ready for The Speed? Another Mile Stone in The Field of Internet Access
Authors: Maltesh, M
Gajakosh, Swati
Keywords: Internet connectivity
Computer networks
Wireless connectivity
Issue Date: 8-Feb-2007
Publisher: Inflibnet centre
Abstract: Information Technology has made significant stride in the way of acquiring, storing, retrieving, accessing and disseminating information. The advent of computer net works ushers a new path to the Library and gives a new dimension to the traditional job of library such as information retrieval and dissemination. The present paper is describes the over all access of information on computer network using wireless communication called Wi- Max technology. With Wi-Max any body can access internet connectivity any where without physical connection. This article highlights the salient features of Wi-Max technology. Bangalore is the fully wire less city within this year. Only the second city in the world to be fully Wi-Max enabled, after Taipei and compare to other technologies available such as OFC, Broadband, Wi-Fi etc. and also highlights common problems of adoption and absorption of such network technology in India.
ISBN: 978-81-902079-4-2
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