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Title: Needs for Digitization of Library : Technology & Supporting Format
Authors: Bhalekar, Dipak Krushnarao
Deshmukh, Prashant P.
Keywords: Digital Library
Information Technology
Standards and Formats
Issue Date: 10-Nov-2005
Publisher: INFLIBNET Centre
Abstract: Digital conversion of Library materials has advanced rapidly in past few years. Digitization is one of the hot topics in librarianship today. To build a “Digital Library” requires that the content of a collection be available electronically. The rhetoric of the information highway has provided the impetus to convert many existing paper-based (or sound and video) collections into new digital media. Digitization of all categories of materials is now possible with the advances in digital technology. The assumption is that digital collections will be more accessible to a broader range of users, presumable through networking technologies, and that there are new efficiencies to be gained in resource-sharing and for preservation. The topic discuss the concept of Digital library, Component, Technology, Functions and Supporting Format of Digital Library.
ISBN: 81-902079-2-X
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