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Title: Knowledge Management
Authors: Alamelu
Keywords: Knowledge Management
Knowledge Classification
Knowledge Source
Issue Date: 10-Nov-2005
Publisher: INFLIBNET Centre
Abstract: Knowledge Management can be thought of as the process of collecting, organizing, classifying and disseminating information throughout an organization, so as to make it purposeful to those who need it. Knowledge Management refers to policies, procedures and technologies user for operating a continuously updated linked pair of networked databases. M concerns organizing and analyzing information in a institutions computer databases.This knowledge can be readily shared throught a institution ,instead of languishing in the department where it was created inaccessible to other readers.It involves identification of categories of knowledge needed to support the overall institutions strategy, assessment of current state of the firms knowledge and transformation of the current knowledge base into a new and more powerful knowledge base by filling knowledge gaps. Knowledge management combines indexing , searching, and push technology to help institutions organize data stored in multiple sources and deliver only relevant information to users.
ISBN: 81-902079-2-X
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