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Title: Federated Searching: A Myth or a Reality in Web-based System
Authors: Verma, Shilpi
Mahawar, K L
Verma, Rekha
Keywords: Web Bases System
Federated Search
Issue Date: 7-Dec-2007
Publisher: INFLIBNET Center.
Abstract: In today’s information explosion age the needs of users’ becoming complex day by day. The task of information professionals is also very complicated and difficult to meet out the needs of the different users. This paper deals with concept of Federated searching that provide facility to search over different databases in one interface. The challenges of today’s searching and need of federated searching is also dealt. The paper also describes the process and hub as well as local database relationship along with point to point model and broker model architecture. The factors affecting the federated searching are also covered. The myths of the federated searching are also dealt in this paper in detail.
ISBN: 978-81-902079-5-9
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