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Title: Vertical,Topical, Special Search Engines and Vortals to Mine Information on the Internet
Authors: Rathinasabapathy, G
Keywords: Search Engines
Vertical Search Engines
Issue Date: 9-Nov-2006
Publisher: INFLIBNET Centre
Abstract: Abstract A Search Engine is a program designed to find information on the World Wide Web, inside a corporate or proprietary network or a personal computer. The very first tool used for searching on the Internet was Archie (1990) was created at McGill University and the first Web search engine Wandex (1993) was developed by Matthew Gray at MIT. Thereafter, many search engines came into use. There are a wide variety of Search Engines across the Internet and help us to find the most accurate and relevant information across the Information Superhighway. This paper attempts to mine, classify and profile the special Search Engines which are also known as Topical or Vertical Search Engines and Vortals.
ISBN: 81-902079-3-8
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