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Title: Library Standards – A Study of Protocol Harmonization
Authors: Maheta, Mahendra
Keywords: Standards
Issue Date: 28-Feb-2008
Publisher: Inflibnet center
Abstract: It seems to recall a time when protocols and standards were two different things. In the past couple of years, the craze over new protocols has seemingly breathed new life into library information technology, replacing the doldrums of standards with the hope of new, universally accepted protocols. It must be admitted that to being too young to have been there, but It would be wonder if things felt like this when MARC and Z39.50 were poised to change the world of library automation. MARC and Z39.50? It’s XML and Open URL, and the Open Archives Initiative. In this paper I tried throwing light on ability to search the resources with a single interface.
ISBN: 978-81-902079-6-6
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