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Title: UGC-INFONET : A Cross-Sectional view on Infrastructure
Authors: Sharma, S K
Parida, Ellora
K, Manoj Kumar
Keywords: UGC-Infonet
Issue Date: 9-Nov-2006
Publisher: INFLIBNET Center
Abstract: Indian education system is one of the largest and oldest education systems in the world. now in the Indian education system, universities form the base for success in higher education. Global competition in education system forced the Indian universities to change their curricula frequently and introduce new subjects, which impose a great demand to have good communication network infrastructure so that researchers, scholars and students can tap the most up-to-date information. To bring quality in higher education, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has taken major initiative to modernise the university campuses with the state-of-the-art campus wide networks and has set up its own nationwide communication network named UGC-Infonet. This paper introduces a cross-sectional view of this initiative.
URI: 81-902079-3-8
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