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Title: E-Information Literacy: An Over View
Authors: Nayak, Vijaykumar D
Nayak, Ramesh .R.
Murgod, S G
Keywords: E-Information Literacy
Issue Date: 2-Feb- 206
Publisher: INFLIBNET Center
Abstract: The idea of information literacy, emerging with the advent of information technologies in the early 1970s, has grown, taken shape and strengthened to become recognized as the critical literacy for the twenty-first century. Sometimes interpreted as one of a number of literacies, information literacy is also described as the overarching literacy essential for twenty-first century living. Today, E-information literacy is inextricably associated with information practices and critical thinking in the information and communication technology environment’ This paper examines the developments in information literacy and provides an over view of E-Information Literacy.
ISSN: 81-902079-1-1
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