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Title: Open Archives Initiatives Protocols for Metadata Harvesting & Z39.50 in Library Software: A Model
Authors: Singh, R K Joteen
Devi, Th. Madhuri
Keywords: Open Archives Initiatives
Metadata harvesting
Issue Date: 6-Nov-2008
Publisher: INFLIBNET Centre
Abstract: The objective of library networking is to promote resource sharing and free flow of information. Rapid technological changes have brought a drastic change in the resource sharing activities, specially Open Archives Initiatives (OAI) model enables the dissemination of research output at international, national and regional levels thus removing the restrictions placed by the traditional scientific model. Z39.50 protocol has provided a common platform which help to develop a Union catalogue. These new developments have made resource sharing more practical. In such a scenario, the best approach is to focus on how software will make it possible for the library to utilize networked resources for the maximum benefit of their users. This paper presents a design of library software, which is interoperability in nature and support networking and exploitation of web resources apart from automating library operations.
ISBN: 978-81-902079-7-3
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