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Title: Script To Science 2.0 For Scholarly Communication
Authors: Babu H, Rajendra
Nikam, Khaiser
Keywords: Scholarly Communication
Open Access
Web 2.0
Open Access
Science 2.0
Issue Date: 25-Feb-2009
Publisher: INFLIBNET Center
Abstract: This article attempts to trace the evolution of scholarly communication from the days of publication of Journal-des-scavans to the era of web 2.0. Explains the Open Access (OA) movement in brief. The views of Harnad (7) on OA are highlighted. The emergence of Open Access 2.0 is put in context. The authors also explain science 2.0 as the emerging practice in scientific knowledge sharing and scholarly communication. The positives and drawbacks of science 2.0 are discussed. Some of the science 2.0 concepts like OpenWetware, PLoS and other science 2.0 systems used in scientific research for communication as put forth by Hooker and Surridge are cited to indicate that science 2.0 is the future for scholarly communication.
ISBN: 978-81-902079-8-0
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