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Title: Collaborative Content Development
Authors: Rahman, Ajazur
Keywords: Groupware
Web 2.0
Online Encyclopedia
Integrated LibraryManagement System
Issue Date: 25-Feb-2009
Abstract: The 90’s saw a substantial increase in the power and reach of the Internet. The beginning of this century has witnessed a sudden downfall in its potency as a commercial force. The problem lies not only in business and financing models but also website content. Tools such as computers, digital video cameras, cameras in mobile phones etc make it easy to create digital content and, at the same time, Internet platforms support sharing and publishing people’s own creations. Collaborative content, created with web2.0 technologies, is part of the social computing phenomenon. The key feature of collaborative content is that it is created, reviewed, refined, enhanced and shared by interactions and contributions of a number of people. This paper focuses on collaborative Web content development in two broad areas. The features are illustrated by a few relevant case studies.
ISBN: 978-81-902079-8-0
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