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Title: Need of Information Security In The 21st Centuary: With Special Emphasis to Computer Security
Authors: Bhatnagar, Anjana
Keywords: Information Security
Computer Security
Computer Viruses
Data Encryption
Biometric Methods
Issue Date: 7-Dec-2007
Abstract: We are living in a society dominated by information technology and in an era of information where huge amount of Information can be speedily processed and saved on easily accessible media. Information plays a really important part in decision making in an organization. For an organization a wrong decision can lead to drastic result. This is on reason why information is steadily acquiring a more central role in business. In the world of today information is becoming increasing important. Generally speaking the standard of information security has not kept pace with this development. For example, information that before was saved on a large amount of paper and physically difficult to steal can today be saved on a disk that can easily remove. In this article author has discussed, what information security is. Why it is needed in an organization of 21 century. The CIA Relationship of information security is discussed with diagram. The information security chain has twelve modules and eighty sub modules. The overview of information security cannot be complete in such small paper; therefore author delimits herself to the most prominent module computer security. In the last future and conclusion of information security are highlighted. Information Security of IIT Kanpur system is also consulted in some of the modules. The paper is of particular value for newcomers in this area.
ISBN: 978-81-902079-5-9
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