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Authors: Thandavamoorthy, K
Vengan, R
Keywords: Management
Digital Resources
Issue Date: Mar-2001
Publisher: INFLIBNET Centre
Abstract: The unique knowledge base for the profession of pharmacy is the body of drug information that the pharmacists use to define, monitor and modify the drug therapy of the patients that he or she serves. Digital resources offer such possibility and possess advantages over traditional sources with respect to access of information. One of the greatest benefit of digital resources is that, users can access the resources themselves. The focus of this paper is on the management of digital resources. Response to specific questions relating to pharmaceutical practices, the growth of pharmaceutical information and the use of Information Technology for managing digital sources are some of the facets dealt in detail. Pharmaceutical Digital Resources in the form of CD-ROMs and Web sites and their contents are detailed for information and use. Finally, an emphasis has been made for acquiring and familiarising Information Technology related techniques for effective use of pharmaceutical information.
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