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dc.description.abstractThere are now well over a billion documents on the Internet, and it takes a lot of patience to research and subject on the web. The process involves visiting a number of web sites and reading the available information. One has to scan tens and hundreds of sites. Internet provides number of tools and services to help the users in such situation. These are: Directories, Subject Gateways, Search Engines, Meta Search Engines, and Special Search Engines. To use them effectively, one should have the expertise to use it and know the individual features and advantages. This article is based on my experience while using these tools for getting the information from the Internet for creating a database and e-journal gateway. In this article, I have mentioned when to use these tools and how these tools can be used to find the information effectively.en_US
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dc.subjectInformation Retrievalen_US
dc.subjectSearch Engineen_US
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dc.titleTools for Information Retrieval on the Interneten_US
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