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dc.contributor.authorChoudhury, N.B-
dc.description.abstractThe overall increase in the management problems in the libraries makes the planning of the integrated information management system necessary in the libraries. To provide optional schedules to the proper functioning of the management systems, certain essential factors are to be considered. The author mentions about the Integrated National Information System in India, provides few suggestions inorder to achieve the objectives of the system and concludes that the investment on an integrated information unit is not a luxury but a necessity. It should find its place in the priorities.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipINFLIBNET Centeren_US
dc.publisherINFLIBNET Centeren_US
dc.subjectImpact of Information Systemen_US
dc.subjectAcademic Libraiesen_US
dc.subjectIntegrated Information Management Systemsen_US
dc.subjectNational Information Systemsen_US
dc.titleImpact of Information System on Academic Librariesen_US
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