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Title: Issues in Preservation of Digital Cultural Heritage
Authors: Shimraya, Somipam R
Ramaiah, Chennupati K
Keywords: Archival & Museum Professionals
Cultural Heritage
Digital Preservation
Digital Preservation Techniques
Traditional Knowledge
Issue Date: Aug-2017
Publisher: INFLIBNET Centre
Abstract: The cultural heritage is the remembrance of its living civilization. Culture is expressed in various diverse types, i.e. tangible and intangible. Cultural heritage has to be valued with utmost care as it is presented by ancestors. Libraries, archives, museums and information centers are using several Information Communication Technology (ICT) tools for collecting, organizing, managing and providing access to cultural heritage information. There are many unique and priceless assets of tangible and intangible cultural heritage (CH) presently positioned at high risk. Over the years one of the agenda over and over again overlooked by libraries, archives and museums is how to document Traditional knowledge (TK). Libraries, archives and museums are non-profit making institutions serving the public at large. Digital CH preservation is best way, providing easy access to CH information to all. Today so many different types of technologies are available for preservation CH. Cultural heritage preservation which has diverse financial implications: individual impacts and benefits, economic impact and benefits and social impact and benefits. A range of problems to be addressed such as funds, lack of trained manpower, quick absolution of technology, dependency, and copyright hinder the functioning of cultural heritage institutes
ISBN: 978-93-81232-07-1
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