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dc.contributor.authorA Bagavathi-
dc.description.abstractThe article discusses about the assessment of various law library services which has been provided for the users in the Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University. Hypotheses are framed on the basis of the objectives of the study. The methodology involves collection of data from the library users of the Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University. A questionnaire is being formulated to fulfill the objectives and to validate the hypotheses. The collected data was analyzed and tabulated to draw inferences and findings. Chi-square was used to test the hypotheses formulated for this study. The author concludes by recommending the best suggestion based on the findings of the study.en_US
dc.publisherINFLIBNET Centreen_US
dc.subjectAbstracting Serviceen_US
dc.subjectBlog serviceen_US
dc.subjectCurrent Case Serviceen_US
dc.subjectOnline Legal Databaseen_US
dc.subjectVideo Conferencing Serviceen_US
dc.subjectVisually Challenged Usersen_US
dc.subjectWeb OPACen_US
dc.titleAssessment of Tamil Nadu Dr Ambedkar Law University Library Services in the New Communication Environment – A Studyen_US
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