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dc.contributor.authorPandian, M Paulen_US
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dc.description.abstractLibrary consortia in today’s digital age are quite different from that of library networks in yester years. The main reason is that the resources that are shared in today’s consortia environment are predominantly in electronic form such as electronic journals and databases. Hence the technology and associated tools to support sharing the electronic resources are also important components for the success of any library consortia. Technology to store, host, retrieve and deliver information resources keep changing. This paper looks at the technology requirements for modern library consortia and issues related to that both at the information providers and member libraries end. An ideal library consortia that is technology enabled is also presented.en_US
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dc.subjectLibrary Consortiaen_US
dc.subjectConsortia technologyen_US
dc.subjectTechnology issuesen_US
dc.subjectConsortia developmentsen_US
dc.titleTechnology Issues for Library Consortia in Indiaen_US
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