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dc.contributor.authorPrakash, K-
dc.contributor.authorMurthy, T A V-
dc.contributor.authorCholin, V S-
dc.description.abstractOutlines the access methods and new technologies in accessing local and global electronic resources in the libraries. The subject gateways, portals, search engines and Library OPAC’s (Online Public Access Catalog) are an important method of providing current and reliable information in a variety of disciplines and research areas. This paper describes various access points that disseminate information to researchers, librarians, and other web users in the various disciplines. Summarizes some of the issues, and explore the potential role of World Wide Web portals in helping library consortia to fulfill their objectives. At the end the paper highlights the importance of portal service to the Indian academic community in the light of UGC-Infonet E-Journals consortium.en_US
dc.publisherINFLIBNET Centreen_US
dc.titlePotential Role of Subject Gateways, Portals and OPAC’s in Electronic Journals Accessen_US
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