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dc.contributor.authorVarma, Vasudeva-
dc.description.abstractManaging content in a reusable and effective manner is becoming increasingly important in knowledge centric organizations as the amount of content generated, both text based and rich media, is growing exponentially. Creating content is expensive and unless it is staged, deployed and reused effectively, these costs cannot be justified. An important aspect of content management technologies is that they are far from being mature and they are getting better with time and this will continue to stay this way for some more time. In this paper we discuss important features of next generation content management systems and key technology enablers that make it possible to achieve next generation functionality. We describe two important technology enablers that are implemented with state of the art research besides identifying evolving and futuristic research areas that will help push the content and information systems to the next level. We describe a technology framework for managing a unified taxonomy and ontology network and a common messaging platform.en_US
dc.publisherINFLIBNET Centreen_US
dc.subjectContent Management Systemsen_US
dc.subjectContent Managementen_US
dc.subjectCommon Message Platformen_US
dc.titleTechnology Enablers for Building Content Management Systemsen_US
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