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dc.contributor.authorSangam, S L-
dc.contributor.authorPrakash, K-
dc.description.abstractThe Open Access movement comprises many complementary initiatives, including digital scholarly journals, discipline-specific e-print servers, institutional repositories, and author self-archiving. Researchers are extensively using these repositories to publish their research outputs. Bibliographic control of scholarly literature of commercial publications is mostly available in the form of Abstracting, Indexing and Citation sources. But in the similar way for the open access publications it not the same case. Bibliographic control of open access e-resources is a major issue. The rapid growth of scholarly information resources available in electronic form and their organisation by digital libraries is proving fertile ground for the development of sophisticated new services, of which citation linking will be one indispensable example. Many new projects, partnerships and commercial agreements have been announced to build citation linking applications. Authors made an effort in this paper to articulate few bibliographic and citation resources.en_US
dc.publisherINFLIBNET Centreen_US
dc.subjectOpen Accessen_US
dc.subjectCitation Linkingen_US
dc.subjectCitation Indexen_US
dc.subjectAbstrating & Indexingen_US
dc.titleImproving Access to Open Access Journals: Abstracting,Iindexing and Citation Sourcesen_US
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