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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2022Faceted Knowledge Organization Approach in Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) for Searching and Navigation: A Case StudyPradhan, Dibya Kishor; Maharana, Bulu
15-Feb-1996Factors for consideration in the selection of CD-ROM productsChandran, M.R.; Aruna Prasad Reddy, C.
2-Feb-2005Familiarity and Use by the Students’ of Digital Resources Available in Familiarity and Use by the Students’ of Digital Resources Available in University of Isfahan(MUI), Iran-
2-Feb-2005Features in the Web Search Interface: How Effective Are They ?Deepak P; Parameswaran, Sandeep
25-Feb-2009Federated Access Management for Electronic Resourcesy the TaiwanExperienceChang, Naicheng
Oct-2014Federated Search & Discovery Services : A Standards and Protocols PerspectivePradhan, Dinesh Ranjan; Pandya, Mitesh
2-Mar-2011Federated Search and Discovery ToolsVastrad, Gayatri; Bharathy, Jaya; Kumar, P Dharani
3-Mar-2012Federated Search Engines: A Building Block for Participatory Library ServiceUpadhyay, Purnima
3-Mar-2012Federated Search: An Information Retrieval Strategy for Scholarly LiteratureKakoli, Gogoi; Jyotika, Borthakur; Mukut, Sarmah
28-Feb-2008Federated Search: New Option for Libraries in the Digital EraKumar, Shailendra; Sanaman, Gareema; Rai, Namrata
7-Dec-2007Federated Searching : A Myth or A Reality in Web-Based SystemVerma, Shilpi; Mahawar, K L; Verma, Rekha
7-Dec-2007Federated Searching: A Myth or a Reality in Web-based SystemVerma, Shilpi; Mahawar, K L; Verma, Rekha
10-Nov-2005Fighting Your Way Through The Electronic Jungle : Who Manages E-Journals ?Hopkinson, Alan
10-Feb-1995Financial Network Analysis with Regards to University Library Periodical Budget AllocationsMadduri, V.B.N.S.; Reddy, Y. Nagi
17-Nov-2023Findability and Accessibility of Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repositories of Newly Established Central Universities in IndiaMehroof, Aqib; Rai, Somesh
10-Nov-2005Finding the Hidden Treasure : A Study On Patent SearchingBhangale, Manish; Shrivastava, V D
25-Feb-2009Folksonomy in Social Question & Answer Platform: A Case study of TCSNandeesha, M
2003Forging of Consortia Subscription Services: Value Adding Role of The Right InfomediaryChawla, Ashok; Vishwanath, M.
Feb-2004Framework for a Federated Digital LibraryJoshi, Hardik; Vyas, Manoj