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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2019Ethical Role of Library & Information Science Professional in Disseminating InformationRoy, Mahua
Nov-2018Evaluating Online Visibility Of Library And Information Science Academia In Central Universities Of North-East India: A Scientometric Study Based On Google ScholarSanjay Kumar Maurya; Akhandanand Shukla; R K Ngurtinkhuma
Feb-2004Evaluating Web Resources, Services and User Attitude towards Web Based Information Services at University of Hyderabad Library - A studyGanesan, P; Pandian, N Murugesa
2-Feb-2006Evaluation of Electronic Information Services in Agricultural University Libraries in Maharashtra: A StudyRokade, S.M; Rajyalakshmi, D.
2-Feb-2006Evaluation Of Few Web-Based E-Book PortalsDas, Kshirod; Jeevan, V K J
28-Feb-2008Evaluation of ICT Based Services in the Academic Libraries of Manipur: A StudySangeeta, Keisham; Sarika, L
Feb-2004Evaluation of IT Based Services on The Basis of User Requirements and Satisfaction : A Case Study of University Libraries of Karnataka StateRamesha; Kumbar, B D; Kanamadi, Satish
Feb-2004Evaluation of Library and Information Center Websites : User ApproachSharma, Desh Bandhu; Jange, Suresh; Sherikar, Amruth
28-Feb-2008Evaluation of Open Source Content Management System: A Comparative StudySunny, Sanjeev K
2-Feb-2006Evaluation of UGC-INFONET E- Journal ConsortiumVikas, C H; Devi, Th.Purnima
Feb-2003Evaluation of Websites: A StudySasikala, C
10-Nov-2005Evolution of Technology in Brief -Internet Technology –Its Use in Academic Libraries Central Library, SSSIHL- An ExampleRao, K. Tata; Sastry, M. S. V. Rama; Reddy, S. Chenna
12-Mar-2015Evolutionof Library Assessment Literature – A Bibliometric Analysis of LAC ProceedingsDash, Nrusingh Kumar; Sahoo, Jyotshna; Mohanty, Basudev
Oct-2016Evolving ETDs in University Library, Anna University A Case StudyKrishnamoorthy, G.; Bharanidharan, S.; Rajasekar, V.
10-Feb-1995Experiences In Library Computerization At Space Application CentreSharma, R.S.
12-Mar-2015Experimenting and Innovating with New Technology in Changing EnvironmentChandel, A S
7-Dec-2007Expert Staff for Digital Resource Management : An Analytical ViewSur, Subrata; Mukherjee, Arup; Sur, Sujata; Dutta, Bratati; Shome, Soumita
4-Mar-1998Exploitation of IT, Academic Libraries and Human Resources DevelopmentSharma, P. L.
9-Nov-2006Exploration of Research Potentiality through Web based e-booksMishra, R N
Nov-2004Exploring Pattern of Preference in Content Selection : A Brief Study of Local DailiesKeisham, Sangeeta; Chakrabarty, T K