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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jul-2017Access to E-Resources for Indian Higher Education System and the Role of INFED (INFLIBNET Access Management Federation)Patel, Yatrik; V Raja
Nov-2022Access to Government Information in India: Opportunities and ChallengesDangi, Ram Kumar; Saraf, Sanjiv; Shukla, Ashok Kumar
9-Nov-2006Access to Infonet E-Journals Consortium in Manipur University LibrarySingh, Th Khomdon; Singh, Th Shyam; Singh, Ch Ibohal
Feb-2002Access to Information Resources on Women and Health Access to Information Resources on Women and HealthRejeswarii, D
8-Feb-2007Access to Scholarly Literature in Higher Education Institutions Under Inflibnet ConsortiumChand, Prem; Prakash, K; Satyabati, Thiyam; Chauhan, Suresh K
9-Nov-2006Access to Web-based Community Information Services in North East IndiaSingh, Ch Ibohal; Devi, Th Madhuri; Devi, N Vidyavati; Singh, N Giridhari
Feb-2003Accessing Electronic Information Through Consortia Approach Among Digital LibrariesGowda, M P; Mudhol, Mahesh V
10-Feb-1995Accessing Kelnet Resources Through Ernet and InternetKatna, A. K.; Raghuraman, S.; Muktibodh, Rohil; Gupta, S. K.
3-Mar-2012Achieving Knowledge Management Through Cloud ComputingM R Rawtani
Mar-2001Acquisition and Preservation of Digital ResouresBhakti, Beke; Shinde, Swati
18-Feb-2010Acquisition of Electronic Information Resources : Some Policy IssuesGajendragadkar, Kasturi N; Kudapkar, Swapna S; Kurahatti, B T
3-Mar-2012Activities and Reasons for Using Social Networking Sites by Research Scholars in NEHU: A Study on Facebook and ResearchGateChakraborty, Nirmali
Feb-2002Adding Search for Website: A Study of Remote Search EnginesPujar, S M; Mundgod, M B; Munnolli, Satish
15-Feb-1996ADINET - Network of Ahmadabad LibrariesBharucha, Rhoda; Patil, Rohini; Parikh, Surangi
Oct-2002Administration, Database Backup, Restore and Data Exchange in SOULSharma, S K; Chandrakar, R K
Nov-2019Adopting Nudge Theory in Academic LibrariesCherukodan, Surendran
8-Feb-2007Adoption Of Open Source Digital Library Software Packages: A SurveyJose, Sanjo
Feb-2003Advanced Search Techniques on WebSaxena, Sadhna
25-Feb-2009Aiding Research and Electronic Content Discovery through Meta-search based on Open Source InitiativesD’mello, Collin; Jha, Amit
Mar-2001AIR LIBRARY AUTOMATION: A PROPOSALShikhare, Kapil; Naidu, G H S; Padhey, Shirish